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De-lousing focused on 

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Touch of nature for the fish welfare

Green Sealice Solutions AS was established in September 2018.
The goal is to be the preferred supplier of de-lousing services in the fish farming industry.
One of the founders, Mr. Frode Ramvik has been in the fish farming industry several years in Norway and Scotland. Very soon it became clear that the industry needed a provider that focused mainly on de-lousing to provide the best possible service.

Experts at removing all types of lice

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fish per hour
0 -100%
lice removal
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salmon mortality rate
"The goal of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority is not biomass reduction itself, but a clear warning that the industry must do better to prevent lice growth."
Bjørn Røhte Knudsen
Regional Director of Food Safety Norway

What makes us special?

We are using SkaMiks technology to ensure the best wellbeing of the salmon we are treating.

With SkaMik 1.5 we can achieve:

  • An improved and more controllable process focusing on gentle treatment and fish welfare.
  • Optimizations for high and stable debugging results at all lice stages.
  • Development of a standardized service and maintenance program.
  • Reduction of energy needs.

SkaMik works both gently and efficiently. A harmonious flushing image and low pressure ensures that you take into account fish health while keeping your appetite. It only takes 15 seconds from the start of the process until the fish is back in cage.

"Medicinal products added to salmon or used for treatment in baths, adversely affect other organisms in the sea"
Norwegian Institute of Marine Research


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